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We determine the necessary slope and utilize both grading and French Drains when necessary to achieve proper drainage on your property.

– Denis McCausland
Green Mountain Landscaping
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The Best Landscaper Near You in Golden, CO

Green Mountain is located in Arvada, CO – right near Golden. Our landscape design service area contains the municipalities and counties all throughout Denver and the northern part of the metro area. We’ve been supplying our landscaping services in Golden for years – and our landscapers have constructed outstanding landscapes in numerous neighborhoods and locations all over Golden.

We count many Golden residents as our clients. Our service area includes the beautiful neighborhoods surrounding North Table Mountain – down through Central Golden near the Colorado School of Mines, on down south to Golden Ridge near Apex Park. We’re happy to provide our landscaping services to all of Golden.

Perfect Landscaper for the Climate in Golden

Colorado’s Front Range features a primarily arid climate. We understand what will likely work best for your upcoming landscape design job. We’ll help our clients by choosing the best products (stone, mulch, pavers, landscaping rocks). As well as the right greenery (shrubs, trees, grasses) that will fit in best for your landscape layout. We can even set up an automated sprinkler system for your landscaping project so you can manage to keep your plants and grasses in good shape with very little work on your part.

Flagstone Walkway Project

Contact us for your future landscaping job. With our landscape design services, you’ll receive a fantastic new yard for a reasonable cost. We’ll utilize our years of experience to design and install landscape design features on your residential property that look fantastic.

Our Services

Here are some of the services that we provide our Golden Customers:


Berms are built up regions on your property that are fantastic for increasing a level of privacy and putting in landscaping features like berms, stones, trees and hedges.

Learn more about berms

Flagstone Patios and Walkways

Spectacular flagstone pathways and outside patios are a resilient and aesthetically appealing enhancement to your property that need very minimal repair and maintenance.

Learn more about flagstone patios and walkways

French Drains

French drains are exceptionally reliable at helping keep moisture far away from your house and inflicting costly property damage.

Learn more about french drain services

Garden Boxes

Raised garden boxes utilized as a planting area appear beautiful and help keep pests – like Colorado’s infamous bunnies – out of your greens.

Learn more about garden box services

Landscape Grading

Sometimes used in conjunction with french drains, grading of your yard can channel destructive water runoff away from your household.

Learn more about grading services


Remarkable at keeping moisture in Colorado’s ultra-dry climate, mulch is an important part of many landscaping installations.

Learn more about mulch


Pavers are typically composed of brick or stone and are put to use in the installation of outside patios and paths. They look fantastic and are exceptionally durable.

Learn more about pavers

Retaining Walls

Best suited for defending against erosion and creating increased usable space in your yard, retaining walls are a frequent landscaping feature along Colorado’s front range.

Learn more about retaining wall services

Rocks for Landscaping

Rocks are normally used in many landscaping jobs because they look fabulous and minimize erosion and development of undesirable weeds.

Learn more about landscaping rocks

Sod Installation

A new lawn provides a terrific spot for playing with the little ones or entertaining guests. We’ll help you select the right sod for Colorado’s environment.

Learn more about sod installation services

Sprinklers and Irrigation

Keeping your lawn, trees, bushes and flowers well-watered is necessary in Colorado’s arid climate. Make things easy with an automated inground sprinkler system.

Learn more about sprinkler system services

Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs deliver wonderful privacy, shade and are pleasantly satisfying. We’ll help you get the most suitable ones and transplant them on your property.

Learn more about tree and shrub services

Waterfalls, Ponds & Fountains

Water features deliver a tranquil haven on your property that work as a fantastic focal point and gathering place.

Learn more about water feature services

Xeriscape Design & Install

Low maintenance, drought-resistant xeriscaping is perfect for Colorado’s dry climate. They look fantastic and don’t need very much time and effort on your part.

Learn more about xeriscaping services

Why Choose Green Mountain for Your Landscaping Project?

Green Mountain Enterprise was established in Arvada, CO by Denis McCausland – who has over 30 years of landscaping experience in Denver metro. Denis has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Horticulture from Ohio State University.

Colorado’s weather extremes present exceptional challenges for residents and landscapers alike. Denis has the ability to use his considerable practical experience to produce a landscape design that is able to stand up to Colorado’s unique climate.

Denis is an expert landscape designer and prides himself on having the ability to present designs to his clients that meet customer needs within the constraints of the available landscaping choices. Denis directly oversees all installations to make sure that you’re happy with the completed product.

Green Mountain Enterprise normally takes on projects ranging in price from $2,000 – $30,000.

Denis McCausland
Green Mountain Enterprise's Founder Denis McCausland

About Golden

Golden, which is positioned along Clear Creek, is immediately at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

Golden was initially named Golden City in honor of Thomas L Golden. It was a mining camp that was established during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush in 1859. Because of its location, Golden City rapidly turned into a center of trade, and was the primary financial and legislative center in the Colorado region.

Climate may be a bit extreme as summers can be fairly warm, and can get to well into the 90s, while winters are chilly and dry. Mid-June to early September are the best months to go to Golden, although it’s known to have sunny skies the whole year-round.

Green Mountain does landscaping design in Golden – and although weather conditions are typically mild, the extremes do create obstacles for homeowners with respect to landscaping.

To learn more about Golden, be sure to check out our Golden Community Guide.

What It Is Like Working With Us

Our Process

Step 1

Initial Meeting

We discuss your requirements - either in person or over the phone.

Step 2

Contract / Review

We come up with a landscaping plan that meets your requirements and provide you with a bid and timeframe for completion.

Step 3

Project Completion

We work on your project and meet your requirements within the timeframe that we've established.




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