Fraud Blocker Xeriscape in Westminster with Quartz, Monzonite Rocks and Ash Tree

Xeriscape in Westminster

Low Maintenance Landscaping Project

For this xeriscaping project, we headed over to 70th and Federal.
You can see right off the bat how the rock pattern in this front yard just “pops” with a unique strip of white quartz bordered by grey monzonite on both sides. There is an ash tree in the middle of the white quartz which will fill out when mature and provide the house with great shade.
White Quartz with Grey Monzonite Xeriscape in Arvada Front Yard
Two different types of rock make a strong stylistic statement in this front yard
We installed a sprinkler system to run a drip line to all of the plants in the front yard of this property.

Flagstone Pad Walkway

Along the side of the house is a flagstone pad walkway. The pads make it much easier to work your way around the side of the house without having to step on the loose monzonite stone.
Flagstone Pad Walkway with Monzonite Stone in Arvada Side Yard
Flagstone pads are functional and look great

Spirea Bushes

On the other side of the driveway in the front yard is more monzonite rocks. Within this area however are multiple spirea shrubs. These are new plantings, so they’re small and almost hard to see. The Spirea will grow to be up to 3 or 4 feeet tall and just about as wide. They grow extremely fast, so they should be providing some additional character to this front yard before too long.
Spirea Bushes and Monzonite Rocks in Arvada Front yard
Spirea starts out small - but these little guys will fill out and look great in no time


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