Fraud Blocker Arvada Landscaper Job - Allan Block Retaining Wall (2 Tier) and Grading

Arvada Landscaping Job – Retaining Walls & Grading

This backyard landscaping renovation was performed in Arvada near 76th Street and Harlan.


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The homeowner had an existing two-tiered timber tie wall along with some steps leading down to their back fence. The grass on both the upper and lower levels of the yard was spotty and needed to be replaced.
The upper level of the yard was also significantly sloped away from the house in areas, and actually had a negative slope towards the house in one portion as well.
The result was a backyard that didn’t drain properly and wasn’t as usable as it could be. It is essential that land surrounding a house slopes away from the house, in this case the angle of the slope in the yard was a bit too pronounced in spots and in the wrong direction in others.

Our Process

Our recommendation to the homeowner was to tear out the existing timber retaining walls and steps. The structures would be replaced with allen block retaining walls. We also recommended regrading the backyard. This new yard would still drain water away from the house, but also provide a more usable space.


These are the after photos (click to enlarge).

Grading to Ensure Proper Drainage

We regraded the entire yard with a bobcat and provided a positive slope away from the house towards the backyard to ensure proper drainage. While perfect for drainage, the slope is also gradual enough that it also provides a great space for playing with the kids or entertaining guests.

Two Tier Retaining Wall

You can see that we have installed a two tier allen block retaining wall with a cap on the top of both walls. Allen block retaining walls provide such a clean, elegant look. The blocks are uniform size and shape and fit snugly to each other like puzzle pieces to minimize the chances of the wall shifting.

What About Sod?

In this case, the customer wanted to take care of reseeding the lawn on their own. We’re more than happy to lay down sod for our customers, but we’re also sensitive to the willingness of some of our clients to do some of the work on their own if they wish to try to save a bit of money.
We provide an itemized breakout of the work to be performed and associated costs within our landscaping proposals. Some of our more DIY-oriented clients will do some of the tasks themselves with our recommendations and guidance.


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