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Berms in Denver Metro

Additional Privacy – Erosion Protection – Look Great

The Berm: Uses & Installation

Berms serve a dual purpose of beautifying your property as well as preventing erosion and damage by channeling water away from your property

– Denis McCausland
Green Mountain Landscaping

Green Mountain Landscape and Sprinkler has over 30+ years of experience designing and installing new landscapes within Denver metro properties. We frequently incorporate berms into our landscape design as they add many benefits to the homeowner.

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What are Berms? (Hint: Large Earthen Mounds)

Berms are raised portions of land you build on your property – like a small hill. A berm is a type of landscaping structure that you can add trees, shrubs, plants or rocks to the soil – whatever elements you think will look good.  A berm is a great addition for both home owners and business property owners.

What a Landscaping Berm Adds to Your Landscape:

  • Privacy – Berms sit a bit higher than surrounding land, and can shield your property from the view of your neighbors.
  • Erosion Protection – When used on sloped land, a berm can provide a barrier to the flow of water. The berm slows the water down and can reduce the amount of erosion on your land.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing – When designed with the right combination of plants and trees, berms can serve as a focal point for your property and make it look even more beautiful.

Build a Landscape Berm with Plants

A berm with low maintenance plants is a great way to transform your landscape and add color and to the soil in your yard.  Low-maintenance plants are recommended, such as using mostly evergreen and drought tolerant plants. 

Building a berm can be backbreaking work.  It requires a lot of work to transport dirt and rocks onto your lawn to create earthen mounds.  You also have to make sure that you incorporate the proper slope for drainage purposes.  In your design, you must properly shape the berm to ensure that rainwater that falls on the berm doesn’t move towards your house (or the neighbor’s house). 

It may be possible to create a small berm on your own.  For larger projects, you’ll want to get in touch with a landscaping professional.

If you are interested in adding a berm to your landscape, we can help.  Give us a call.

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