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Low Maintenance – Low Water Requirements – Drought Resistant

Xeriscapes: Uses & Installation

Xeriscaping is a great choice for Colorado's arid climate. Low maintenance and low water requirements are a key feature of xeriscapes.

– Denis McCausland
Green Mountain Landscaping

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Xeriscaping is a wise decision for many homeowners along Colorado’s front range:
  • Denver receives very little annual precipitation – only 10-15 inches annually
  • Most Colorado summers have tight water restrictions – you can’t always water your lawn when it needs it
  • Reduced maintenance required (watering, mowing, etc.)
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Green Mountain Xeriscaping

Green Mountain will meet with you to determine what your goals are with xeriscaping. Based on your requirements, we look at your land and design the perfect xeriscape for you. We strive to make our designs in accordance with many of Xeriscape principles proposed by Denver Water.
A Green Mountain Xeriscape Design will typically include the following:
  • Native Plants – Xeriscaping makes use of beautiful native Colorado plants, bushes, plants, and trees which are naturally drought resistant. Functional Stone Features – Xeriscape designs typically feature functional hardscapes such as patios, walkways, walls, or even fountains to bring the design together.
  • Efficient Irrigation – Efficient irrigation will include drip irrigation for plants and shrubs – as well as low-angle sprinklers for turf areas.
  • Limited Turf Placement – Most xeriscape design has some grass – but it is limited, shaded, and placed to take advantage of natural drainage.
  • Mulch – Mulches will be used in and around plants to retain moisture and prevent weed growth.

What You Get with Green Mountain Xeriscaping:

  • Great looking native plants, bushes, shrubs, and trees that thrive in the dry Colorado climate
  • Lower water bills
  • Landscaping that requires much less maintenance on your part
  • Drought resistant landscaping – for the frequent Colorado droughts
To see how our Colorado Xeriscaping designs may fit into your overall yard plans, check out all of our services.

What It Is Like Working With Us

Our Process

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Step 2

Contract / Review

We come up with a landscaping plan that meets your requirements and provide you with a bid and timeframe for completion.

Step 3

Project Completion

We work on your project and meet your requirements within the timeframe that we've established.




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