Fraud Blocker 20th and Kipling Yard Renovation in Lakewood

20th and Kipling Yard Renovation in Lakewood

New Yard, Plantings, Hardscape and More

This landscaping job occurred in Lakewood near 20th and Kipling – not too far away from the Lakewood Branch of the Jefferson County Library. This project had quite a few facets and required quite a bit of work. It essentially involved tearing out almost everything in the front yard and in the backyard for a brand new look all around the property.

New Yard

The requirements for the updated yard included brand new sod with a different grass type which backed into planting areas near the house. The border between the yard and the planting area was divided by a steel edger.

Sod Installation

This project featured a new sod installation. The entire lawn was torn out and replaced with brand new drought resistant sod (hybrid enviroturf) from Turfmaster, LLC. This new lawn has extremely low water requirements and is very durable – making it a perfect fit for Colorado’s dry climate. It actually uses up to 40% less water than Kentucky Bluegrass but it still looks great. This sod choice does just as well in the shade as it does in Colorado’s open environments that get a lot of direct sun.

New Sod Installation and Steel Edging Backing Up to a Planting Area with perennials, landscaping Rocks and Trees

Inground Sprinkler System Installation

Prior to the sod installation, we installed an automatic inground sprinkler system. With this automatic sprinkler system, the homeowner will be able to easily control the scheduling of their sprinkler systems to deliver the right amount of water to the lawn – when the lawn needs it most. We help with initial setup to make sure that the sprinklers run at a regular schedule during the night. Sprinklers should run at night to eliminate water loss from the hot, dry air on the front range. Fortunately, the water requirements will be significantly lower than their previous Kentucky Bluegrass lawn, as the enviroturf thrives with much less water.


We installed over 150 perennials on this property. Perennials are a great choice for yards as they require little maintenance and can add color throughout the year. You can actually be selective with your perennial selection to almost guarantee that something will be flowering on your property throughout the spring, summer and fall .


We also planted hydrangea on this property. Hydrangea are a unique flowering plant in that the color of the flower represents the acidity level of the soil. More acidic soil results in blue or purple flowers, less acidic soil results in pink or white flowers. You can actually adjust the soil conditions to encourage the flower color of your choice.

The new look front yard has plenty of curb appeal


Another flowering option that is perfect for planting areas, these can grow up to a foot or so and do best in full sunlight – making them perfect for Colorado. They’re fast growers and usually flower from summer into fall.

Trees and Shrubs

In order to give the yard a more natural appearance, we planted 9 new trees – mostly Austrian Pine trees – along with shrubs

Austrian Pine Trees

Austrian pine trees are known for a respectable growth rate (up to 2 feet per year) and are ideally suited for Colorado’s climate. They absolutely love direct sunlight. These trees do quite well in Colorado’s sometime alkaline soils. The trees can get quite tall – up to 50 feet or more – and they provide quite a bit of privacy and shade on a homeowner’s property.

View of the Front Planting Area with Austrian Pines, Hydrangea and Red Twig Dogwood

Red Twig Dogwood

We also planted red twig dogwoods on this property. Red twig dogwoods are most noted for the unique red color of the branches which are visible all year long – but especially during winter months when the shrub is without leaves. The red twig dogwood can grow quite quickly – you’ll want to occasionally trim the shrub to keep the spread and height to what works best with your lawn. This shrub does great in direct sunlight and should be placed in the more moist parts of your property – preferably in a planting area with nearby drip irrigation for best results.

Dwarf Mugo Pine

The dwarf mugo pine tree is essentially a shrub that can survive in the full sun – or in partial sunshine. These are slow growers that add a bit of character and color to your lawn. They’ll eventually take up a few feet of space in your planting area and top out at only a few feet high. They’re a great choice for Colorado lawns.

Buffalo Junipers

Like the Dwarf Mugo Pine, the Buffalo juniper likes to spread but stay close to the ground and is an excellent choice to provide low ground cover. It thrives in direct sunlight and tops out at only about a foot in height – but can spread to be a few feet wide. It does well in planting areas and can discourage weed growth.


We also added a healthy amount of mulch to the planting areas. Mulch is mandatory for planting areas in order to retain moisture and meet the requirements of the plants inside.

No Landscaping Installation is complete without Mulch to Retain Moisture. Also note the Dwarf Mugo Pine in the upper right and the juniper in the upper left of this planting area.


We added over 60 Boulders and large rocks in the backyard and front yard combined. Boulders work well in planting areas and provide your planting area with a bit of curb appeal.

Boulders and a Flagstone Path connecting the Front Door to the Front Lawn

Flagstone Path

We installed a flagstone path using red flagstone to allow the homeowners to easily traverse planting areas and make it out to their front yard.

A look at the corner of the lot in the front yard – stacked pavers with a planting area featuring juniper, rocks, mulch and Austrian Pine


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