Fraud Blocker Arvada Backyard Retaining Wall to Create More Usable Space

Retaining Wall, Sod Installation, Sprinkers- Arvada (68th and Carr)


For this project, we were asked to work on the backyard of a brand new build in Arvada.
Before we arrived, the hill had a bad slope that was covered with weeds. You can see that it underwent an amazing transformation.


In this first photo, you can see that we added mulch along the side of the house and planted alternating red and white roses – note that the red rose plantings had yet to start their bloom.
Rosebushes with mulch
Positive slope away from the house - new roses, mulch and sod
You can also see that we laid down fresh sod in the yard. You can always see the seams with fresh sod installations – the sod squares actually merge with each other within a matter of a few weeks so the grass looks more uniform.
Underneath the sod is a brand new sprinkler system install that we installed for the homeowner to make sure that their lawn gets the right amount of water.
Sod Installation in Arvada
Closer look at the sod and trees planted on the lower tier
Allan Block retaining wall with cap
Allan Block Retaining Wall with Cap
We did some grading to the yard to make the backyard more usable, but still maintained the positive slope away from the house for drainage purposes. We also added an allan block retaining wall with a cap. This allowed the homeowner to have an elevated yard which gave them usable space.
There are also stairs leading down to a planting area which contains a rockbed with blue spruce and aspen trees. The rockbed was placed on top of landscaping fabric to keep out weeds and make maintenance easy.


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