Fraud Blocker Lakewood Kentucky Bluegrass Sod Installation with Rocks

Lakewood Sod Installation

New Landscaping Install in Lakewood

This homeowner needed an all new front yard and backyard. We went ahead and installed kentucky bluegrass sod in both locations.
Lakewood Front yard - Rock Berm and Sod
New sod installation and a berm / tree-ring in a Lakewood front yard
Kentucky bluegrass does have high water requirements, and it prefers cooler weather. But it is a fantastic sod choice because it is lush, dense, durable and great for entertaining. As long as you keep the lawn adequately watered, it will respond well. Bluegrass also responds strong in springtime after being dormant during the winter.
As with most of our sod installations, we also installed an inground sprinkler system to make it a piece of cake for the homeowner to ensure that the lawn gets enough water.
You can see in the photo that there are trees in the front yard. What we did here was create a berm around the trees and filled it in with cobblestone and two cobble boulders to give the front hard a bit more character.


As you can see in the backyard, we also put down a fresh new layer of bluegrass sod – along with a sprinkler system underneath.
Lakweood Landscaping - Sod, Rocks and boxwood
New sod, zebra grass, and multiple varieties of rock
The elongated concrete slabs were already present in the backyard, so we worked around them. We put washed mexican cobble in between the slabs. The Mexican cobble is extremely smooth – most likely worn down river rock. We then sprayed a sealant on top of the rocks to make them really pop with a glossy shine. Other rocks around the pads include monzonite – which is a white quartz-type rock.

You can see that there is a brand new layer of cobblestone leading to the concrete pads. We placed that cobblestone on the edge of the property along the sod. We placed some zebra grass in the cobblestone area – it was November during this install, so the zebra grass was dormant and brown, but bounces back strong in the spring.

Pear Trees Planted on Opposite Sides of Concrete Pad
New sod, zebra grass, and multiple varieties of rock
Notice also that we planted pear trees on each side of the concrete pads. Also along both sides of the concrete, you’ll notice boxwoods. The boxwoods will be partially in the shade of the pear trees – but boxwoods thrive in shaded environments.
Finally, you’ll notice that there are 2′ x 2′ custom cut flagstone pads serving as a walkway leading along the side of the house near the concrete strips.


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