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Making the Right Greenery Choices

Different types of trees and shrubs thrive in different kind of environments. We'll help you to find the perfect trees and shrubs for your particular situation

– Denis McCausland
Green Mountain Landscaping
Trees, shrubs, and perennials are an essential part of any Denver Landscape design plan. With our 30+ years of landscaping experience in Denver metro, we can help design and install a landscape that includes the appropriate trees that meet your requirements as a homeowner
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Trees, Shrubs & Perennial Considerations:

  • Privacy – Most lots in Denver metro are on the small side, so many of the customers we work with are looking for trees and shrubs to provide a bit of privacy from the neighbors. We will help you pick the right tree or shrub that will not only give you privacy, but will require as little maintenance as possible.
  • Shade – Picking the right shade tree is also important. The right combination of shade trees can reduce watering requirements for your lawn and provide protection of key areas (like patios) from the hot Colorado sun. A Green Mountain landscape design will take advantage of shade trees to vastly improve the usability of your lawn.
  • Beauty – Your landscaping obviously isn’t all about privacy and shade. You also want it to look great. We’ll go over the various options for flowering plants and shrubs that will brighten up your yard throughout spring, summer, and fall.
  • Colorado Weather Resistant – Another important consideration is Colorado’s dry climate. We can help you make informed choices for trees, shrubs, and perennials that are hardy enough to withstand the hot, dry summers and snowy, cold winters of Colorado.
We’re actively working on adding more information about the plants that we recommend as part of our landscaping services. Click here for more information about all of our landscaping services. This may help you get an idea how trees and shrubs may fit into your overall vision for your property.

What It Is Like Working With Us

Our Process

Step 1

Initial Meeting

We discuss your requirements - either in person or over the phone.

Step 2

Contract / Review

We come up with a landscaping plan that meets your requirements and provide you with a bid and timeframe for completion.

Step 3

Project Completion

We work on your project and meet your requirements within the timeframe that we've established.




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