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Outdoor Planter Boxes
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Add a Functional Focal Point to Your Property

Outdoor Planter Boxes
for Raised Garden Beds

Outdoor planter boxes are a great option to protect your garden. They repel many pests and can provide an easy way to shield your garden from Colorado's infamous spring and summer hail.

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– Denis McCausland
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One of the common requests that we get from our Denver metro customers – or sometimes recommend – are garden boxes. Garden boxes are raised gardens which are enclosed by a wooden frame.

Garden Boxes on a property

What are Raised Garden Boxes?

Garden boxes are raised planters for your beds. The fact that they are raised can help prevent pesky rabbits from raiding your garden. You can also use the walls of the garden box to attach shielding to protect your plants from severe weather.

Planters are Ideal for Your Patio Gardens

When you decide to build a raised garden box, there are things to consider with your current garden bed. Your style preference and favorite plants should dictate the type of garden box. The space available in your backyard will help determine the size. You may want to do some further research before deciding, as there are many different types to choose from.

Outdoor Planter Boxes: Sun, Moderate and Shade Options

Denver (and the metro area) is known for its sunny days. If your garden beds are in a sunny location, then a traditional raised bed with soil is best. You can purchase an outdoor kit or build it yourself using 2x12s for the frame and would need to line it with plastic sheeting before adding soil so that weeds don’t sprout. The soil should be selected based on your plants, and you’ll need to be careful about making sure the garden is appropriately watered after planting.

If your garden beds are in a moderately sunny or partial shade area, then a super-sized raised bed with rich soil is best. You can buy ready-made boxes, but they may not fit in all spaces and the price may be a little out of budget. You can make it yourself by using 2x8s for the frame, but make sure you consider the space limits on your property.

If your raised garden bed get little or no sun, then a container garden with peat moss is best. Most container plants need full sun and some may need shade during extreme heat. Peat moss or a mix of soil, perlite, and vermiculite will work well for the garden, but check with your local nursery as you may need to buy special soil for specific plants.

Before spending money on materials, give us a call so you can get an idea of what will grow where you live.

Gardening with Patio Planter Boxes You Can Easily Maintain

  • You Control the Environment – Working with us, you can ensure that your patio garden box will have the optimal soil mixture and drainage to help promote a healthy vegetable or flower garden.
  • Great Addition to Your Property – A garden box in your backyard actually serves as a focal point and is visually pleasing – especially with blooming flowers or ripe vegetables. Redwood, cedar, or oak can provide an attractive frame for the garden box.
  • Protection – We get a lot of hail in Denver and along the entire Front Range of Colorado. Hail can often times shred gardens. The nice thing about planter boxes is that it is relatively easy to insert posts and put protective coverings over your plants to protect them from the elements.
  • Cost Effective – Designs of a garden can vary greatly depending on your gardening needs.  A garden box can be a very cost-effective enhancement for small beds or look great as edging to your existing landscape.  Not only are they inexpensive to construct, but many are reversible.  There are also many accessories that can be added to enhance the look.  With a little imagination, a garden box can be made to look like anything from a tree to a fountain.  Some may have windows or doors for accessibility and some may be made to look like they have trees or rock walls.
  • Protect Your Back – Planter boxes that are raised protect your back.  You don’t have to sit on the ground or your flagstone patio to easily access your raised beds.  In many cases you can pull up a lawn chair for much of the work.

A Raised Bed Can Make Excellent Edging for Your Garden Oasis

Rasied beds containing vegetable or flower gardens are an excellent way to create an edging border along the edge of the yard or garden area.  

To learn more about all of the landscaping services we offer in Denver and along Colorado’s front range,  click here to contact us. We can provide a variety of different service offerings to complement your garden boxes.

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