Fraud Blocker Planter Wall and Tree Planting in Lakewood (Kipling & Jewel)

Planter Wall and Tree Planting in Lakewood (Kipling & Jewel)

Planter Wall and Tree Planting in Lakewood (Kipling & Jewel)

Here is another Lakewood landscaping job that we performed back in 2021. This property is located just a little bit north of Bear Creek Golf course in Lakewood (near Kipling and Jewell).

Planter Wall With Mulch

You can see in the photo below that we created a planting area – not exactly a conventional planter box, because this planting area is bordered by two allan block retaining walls.

Photo taken shortly after the sod installation was placed

Allan block retaining walls are a great choice for your landscaping project. The wall system is made up of large, block units that are stacked on top of one another to create a strong, durable structure. If the wall is going to be larger than about 3 feet high (in clay soil) – we will use multiple tiers of retaining walls.

You can see that perennials were planted immediately after the creation of the planting area.

Block Edgers and Rocks

You’ll also notice that a block edger was put in place along the border of the grass area and the rock bed to the right. A trench is dug to properly secure the edgers which have their base placed into the trench. The edgers provide a nice clean dividing line between the lawn and the perimeter rock bed.

This project required quite a bit of landscaping rocks which were placed along the perimeter of the yard next to the fence.


Not shown here, but this job also required planting numerous trees to provide shade for the lawn to provide some protection from the intense Colorado summer sunlight.


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