Fraud Blocker Leyden Rock in Arvada - New Construction - Sod & Sprinklers (86th & Indiana)

Leyden Rock in Arvada – New Construction – Sod & Sprinklers (86th & Indiana)

Transforming an Undeveloped Lot into Something Amazing

This landscaping job was one of our 2021 jobs and it was for new construction in the Leyden Rock development in the northern part of Arvada. We do a lot of new construction landscaping projects, and it is fun for both us and the homeowner to start things off with a clean slate – and not be bound by previous landscaping decisions.

Underground Sprinkler and Drip Line Installation

One of the first things that we did was make sure that the lawn was properly graded, then we installed an underground sprinkler system. Most homeowners opt for the underground sprinkler option, making it easy to make sure your lawn gets the right amount of water.

We laid out the sprinkler system to ensure that not only the lawn had great coverage – but also to make sure that the trees and bushes that were to be planted on the perimeter of the property would also receive the required amount of water. To do this, we set up dripline sprinkler zones so that the trees and bushes would get that slow, consistent drip of water they need to grow big and healthy.

Bluegrass Sod

As part of this project, we also provided this property with a brand new bluegrass sod lawn. Bluegrass does require regular watering, but it is extremely resilient and durable. It can easily handle a lot of activity and is perfect for a family that is very active in their yard.

Bluegrass tends to green up immediately in the spring, and even though it does need water, it can survive very dry conditions. Unlike many other sod choices, Bluegrass is able to bounce back from drought conditions.

Bluegrass can also work well in Colorado conditions because it needs direct sunlight. It actually does quite poorly in areas that are heavily shaded. Compared to other parts of the country, the lack of tall shade trees means that bluegrass will receive plenty of direct sunlight on most Colorado properties.

Bluegrass sod with mulch and granite stone

Rocks and Boulders

You can see from the photos below, that we used a lot of rocks and a few large boulders (in the mulch areas) on this project. This project actually required 50 tons of 1.5″ granite rock.

We typically use rocks to define a border between the grass and the edge of the property. This apron region around the grass is also where trees and shrubs are planted for both aesthetic and privacy reasons


You can see along the fence line, we have a lot of mulch. Mulch is able to retain moisture and is great at keeping the soil most – a must for perennials, bushes and trees.


A lot of different types of plants were installed on the property

We introduced quite a few different types trees shrubs and perennials. To name just a few:

  • Blue Spruce – is great for landscaping because it offers a deep blue color that is unique among evergreens. As it matures, this tree’s color will become even more pronounced, making it a real standout in any landscape design.
  • Austrian Pine – is a great tree for homeowners because it is tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions, including compacted soils which are common in many suburban yards.
  • Dwarf Globe Spruce – a great option for homeowners because of its small, tight growth pattern. It prefers full sun – making it great for Colorado – but will tolerate some shade.
  • Red Twig Dogwood – a beautiful plant with bright red stems that adds color and bright contrast to the oftentimes white winter landscape we have here in Colorado
  • Red Roses
  • White Roses
  • Shasta Daisies – have a long blooming season and can even bloom multiple times a year. They are very versatile and can be planted in a number of different ways – and are commonly grouped on clumps that grow up to three feet tall. They can spread, so it is best to keep them contained in a designated area.
  • Galardia – is a yellow flower with red edges that blooms in the spring and summer months. It is very tolerant of dry conditions, making it great for Colorado.
  • Fall Aster – is a beautiful deep purple color flower with white highlights and thin petals. It is very drought tolerant and will re-bloom if spent flowers are removed. These do best when planted in direct sunlight.
  • Autumn Blaze Maple – is a great choice for homeowners with its vibrant red fall color and rapid growth rate. It is a strong tree that produces an abundance of shade for your yard.


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