Fraud Blocker Sod Installation and Sprinkler Installation in Lakewood (Alameda & Garrison)

Sod Installation and Sprinkler Installation in Lakewood (Alameda & Garrison)

A New Lawn and Play Area

Here are a couple of photos from one of our 2021 Lakewood landscaping jobs.

When we started work on this lot, it was nothing but dirt. The homeowner was looking for a backyard where they could entertain guests. The goal was also to have a space where the children could be entertained and work off a bit of excess energy. Here was our solution.

Underground Sprinkler System Installation

We installed an underground sprinkler system. Adding an underground sprinkler system to your home can be a great way to reduce your water usage and keep your lawn looking green and healthy.

Photo taken shortly after the sod installation was placed

Automatic sprinklers make it easier to ensure that your lawn gets the exact amount of water it needs. They can be programmed to water your lawn on a schedule that works for you.

You’ll want to run them during the early morning or late evening when less water is evaporated by the sun and daytime heat. They can even be programmed to not go on if there’s been recent heavy rain.

Since we were starting from scratch with this lawn, placing the sprinklers wasn’t all that complicated. We placed the sprinklers and stabilized them. Next came the sod…

Sod Installation

After the placement of the sprinklers, it was time to install sod. The process of sod installation is relatively simple and can be completed in a few hours.

First, we cleared the area to be sodded of all debris, including stones, roots, and existing vegetation. Next, the soil was loosened and leveled with our landscaping tools (just rakes and hoes).

Once the soil is prepared, we laid the sod down strips, starting at one end of the backyard and working towards the other. While doing this, we made sure sod pieces were tightly fitted together to avoid gaps.

After the sod has been installed, it was watered thoroughly to help it take root. We provided the homeowner with the proper care instructions to help ensure that the sod would soon develop into a healthy lawn.

Play Area with Rubber Mulch and Timber Ties

The play area was extremely important to this homeowner. It is great to have a place where the kids can play in a safe environment where mom and dad can be productive (or relax) and still keep an eye on the children.

The Play Area Features Rubber Mulch to Keep Kids Safe

You’ll notice in the photo below that the play area has mulch – but this isn’t shredded bark – this is actually rubber mulch. Rubber mulch is great for playgrounds and other areas where children play because it is soft and forgiving if someone falls. It also doesn’t break down and erodes in the rain as wood mulch does. The fact that rubber mulch is splinter-free is also a big plus.

The play area was cordoned off with a timber tie barrier which served to separate the play area from the back yard.

40 Tons of Rock

You’ll notice that the yard has quite a bit of rock on the edge of the sod. There was actually quite a bit of 1.5″ granite rock required for this landscaping installation – 40 tons worth!

Landscaping rock is used in landscaping applications to control erosion, help with weed control (with landscaping fabric underneath), and put a nice decorative touch on the boundary of the yard.


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