Fraud Blocker Westminster Sod and Flagstone Walkway Project

Westminster Landscaping – Sod and Flagstone

New Install Near 112th and Marshall

The homeowner’s front yard had been overtaken by a variety of weeds. Obviously weeds take away from the curb appeal.

Bluegrass Sod Installation & Sprinkler System

For this home, we put down some new Kentucky Bluegrass sod in the front yard. Over time, you won’t be able to see the seams between the sod tiles.
Westminster Landscaping - Sod and Breeze rock walkway
Kentucky Bluegrass Sod with an inground sprinkler system
The downside of Kentucky Bluegrass is that it does require quite a bit of watering, and it does have a bit of trouble in the heat. That said, it is a fantastic choice for homeowners who plan on getting some use out of their lawn. It is lush and durable and comes back strong after tough Colorado winters.
Underneath the sod, we installed a multi-zone sprinkler system to make it easy for the homeowner to provide their new lawn with the water it needs.

Breeze Rock Walkway

Breeze is a generic term for very small rock. In this case, we used gray breeze (crushed granite rock) for the walkway between the house and the newly laid sod in the front lawn. Even though it is loose stone, breeze actually compacts quite well, provides firm footing and can be a great choice for a lower cost walkway.

Red Flagstone Path

Westminster Flagstone Walkway
Flagstone walkway between driveway and yard
The other major feature for this project was the Flagstone walkway which leads from the street up to the house – right next to the driveway.  This also contains Breeze between the seams of the flagstone – which matches the breeze walkway.  This entire flagstone path was sealed to prevent the path from getting stained by the elements.  It can also provide a nice gloss that is aesthetically pleasing.


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