Fraud Blocker Two Tiered Natural Stone Retaining Wall Project in Littleton

Tiered Retaining Wall – Littleton

Wall for Littleton Landscaping Project

This wall was installed near Kipling & Belleview.
Many retaining walls are constructed with manmade blocks or timbers. Not the case for this retaining wall, this wall is constructed of natural stone.
This natural stone two-tiered retaining wall was built with buff stone. The large pieces of buff stone are stacked and glued together with strong masonry glue. The stone was procured from Arizona and has a yellowish brown color, with some slight rust colors mixed in. If you look closely at the wall, you can see that filler stone was used to fill in gaps.
Two Tiered Retaining Wall of Natural Stone
Tiered retaining walls may be required based on the slope of your lawn
The only manmade part of the wall is the cap which sits along the top of both walls. The cap provides a nice smooth surface above the walls.

Why Build a Two-Tiered Wall?

Some retaining walls we build just have one wall – others have two or more rows of tiered walls.
There are a couple of reasons to have multiple tiers for your retaining walls:
Required by Law
Depending on local rules and regulations in your part of Denver’s front range, there may be limitations to how high your retaining wall can be due to safety reasons. The size of your lot and the slope that you’re building your wall on will factor into the maximum allowed wall height.
Multiple Walls Might Look Better
Obviously a major part of landscaping is aesthetics. While it is subjective, an extremely tall wall may look unpleasant to many – which isn’t the desired effect.


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