Fraud Blocker Blue Flagstone (Bluestone) Patio in North Denver

Denver Blue Flagstone Patio

Bluestone for Patio Entertaining

This landscaping job was performed near 38th and Federal Boulevard in Denver.
Flagstone is a common material that we use for many landscaping installations. But did you know that flagstone isn’t limited to just the dark red sandstone that you’ll commonly see in the Denver metro area.
Denver Custom Cut Blue Flagstone Patio
Bluestone (blue flagstone) is typically blue or grey - but can have tints of orange
The homeowner for this install wanted bluestone. This bluestone typically has a blue-grey color and is more common on the east coast than in Colorado. Sometimes, the bluestone can even take on an orangelike tint as you can see in this photo. This particular bluestone was procured from a company in Kentucky.
Installing the patio does take some skill and hard work. Each stone must be cut by hand so that it fits neighboring pices (like a jigsaw puzzle).
To complete the look, we filled the seams with grey breeze (a small crushed granite rock) and then sealed the entire patio to prevent it from staining.
Patio in Denver - Bluestone Flagstone
Bluestone (blue flagstone) is typically blue or grey - but can have tints of orange

Mulch - You Can Do it Yourself

We also delivered the mulch for the homeowners – and they installed it themselves. If you’re looking to save a bit of money on a job mulch is a good do-it-yourself candidate. We can deliver the mulch, and you can take care of the placement. Mulch isn’t that heavy or difficult to work with.


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