Fraud Blocker Arvada Backyard Landscaping Transformation - Sod Installation

Arvada Backyard Landscaping Transformation

This backyard near 72nd and Harlan was completely transformed in the Spring of 2020.
When we arrived, the backyard had a lot of weeds – and even a few underdeveloped saplings growing. This isn’t uncommon – it is hard to stay on top of yard duties – and we try to create landscaping that requires as little effort on the part of the homeowner as possible.
In this case it took a full day to clear out the unwanted growth from the yard so we could get to work.
We installed new sod (Kentucky Bluegrass) with an underlying inground sprinkler system to make it super easy to make sure the yard received the appropriate amount of water. Also a breeze (small crushed rock) pathway leads from the backyard to a gate. There are also six custom cut flagstone pads.
Sod with boxwood plantings in Arvada Yard
This was a March project that will be green and lush by the time July rolls around

Border / Edging

I probably don’t mention this enough, but all of your landscaping installations – like the one featured here – have galvanized rolltop edging to separate the rocks from the lawn. The major advantage of this rolltop edging is that it prevents injuries to pets and people (especially toddlers). You definitely don’t want to have sharp (and sometimes rusty) edging on your lawn. This rolltop edging looks great and provides peace of mind when it comes to keeping your family safe.
Kentucky Bluegrass Sod and Aspen Saplings in Arvada Yard
Aspens to the left, breeze rock pathway in the upper right
Also along the edge of the property are 1.5 inch river rocks. This provides a great border between the lawn and the fence. Within the river rocks you’ll notice rosebushes. I favor iceberg rosebushes as well as double knockouts. They’re durable, disease resistant, and they bloom all summer.
If you have a sharp eye, you’ll also notice that there are aspens along the edge of the yard. When you plant Aspens, you’ll want to plant them away from the summer sun as much as possible – which generally means north or east side of your house away from direct summer sun.


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